Tekbir-Lebanon was the beginning…….After we touched the suffer of the Muslim women to choose what suites her from Islamic clothes.

Our first mission was to support hijab in Lebanon and to facilitate on the unveiled Muslim women to accept hijab and to see its advantages. For that reason, we traveled to Turkey, the country of style, elegance and fashion. We choose from Turkey what suites the women from the best Tekbir, Olcay, Armagan ets..Then we expend our collection from many countries which are specialized in items like India- Saudi Arabia- china- Jordan ets….

Our collection has wide range of choices. We here mention some of it:
Overcoat or jilbab


Sets with trousers and skirts
Classics styles and sports styles
Night suits
Jilabiya or dishdasha
Sports wear- skirts- jackets- trousers- blouses- bodies. Ets
Scarves in wide range of different styles and tastes
Binjabies and afghanies
And more

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